Explain your business. Clearly, simply, beautifully. Be more successful.

Your marketing is only as strong as your message.

When they don’t get why you matter, people disengage. But when they get it, everything else changes: Selling gets easier. Referrals get stronger. Leadership unifies, employees engage – and revenue grows.

If you can explain it, you can do it.


Strategy & Consulting

Brand & Messaging

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Vision Consulting

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Content Strategy

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I’ve never met anyone as talented at understanding the values behind an organization – and then communicating them in inspiring, relatable ways. I’ve worked with a lot of consultants; I consider Benjie the best in the business.

Rick Guzman

Executive Director, The Neighbor Project

People often had trouble understanding what I do – and I often had trouble keeping their interest long enough to tell them! I used Benjie’s outline for the first time at an event, and it was brilliant. Their eyes got wider and their interest was piqued!

Cathy Michael

Healing Arts Studio

How’s your message?

Send me your website and two other links (an ad, a video, a social media page). I’ll tell you, based on your marketing, what your message is and why someone would buy from you. You get an actionable, written evaluation and a one-hour consultation to review it – all for less than $200. If you’re in the Boston area, I’ll even do it in person. You’ll know if I’m the right person to help you – and even if I’m not, you’ll walk away with an actionable strategy to improve your marketing.