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Send me 3 links to your marketing. Get a written evaluation and a 1-hour consultation to review it.

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Is your marketing working? Can I help you improve it? Take a $195 test drive and find out.

Here’s how it works: Using the form above, send me 3 links that best represent your current marketing efforts. (I suggest your website, your company’s explainer video and your most effective social media profile.)

I’ll review the links and send you a written evaluation of your message and marketing. We’ll set up a one-hour consultation to review it.

You’ll find out:

  • How well can an outsider understand your business without you there to explain?
  • How effective is your marketing at representing who you really are?
  • What specific changes could make your message more powerful?
  • What specific changes could make your marketing more effective?

After we uncover the opportunities in your marketing, you decide if I’m the person to help you act on them. You’ll already know which actions you should take.

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