Here are six stories you can tell without saying a word.

First, three about a box:will I do it?did it!
didn't do it

And now, three stories about pie:

where is it?

can I reach it?

when will they figure it out?

Stories play on our need for resolution. We want to see the box completed or the pie united with its missing piece. When something’s missing, that’s the beginning of a story.

Your marketing should tell a story, but here’s the thing: You don’t get to tell your clients what their story is. They’re living it already. (Actually, they’re living hundreds. Everybody’s life is complicated.)

So what can you do? If you own a business, figure out what story your clients are already living. Frame it for them. Put it into words, then pictures, so they go, “You said it better than I could myself.”

Then, offer resolution.

If you can complete somebody’s box or be somebody’s missing pie piece, they’re going to want to hire you. But they have to see you that way first.