at TEDx Naperville, 2012

Benjie Hughes

I’m a lifelong writer and big-picture strategist with 12 years’ experience in creative entrepreneurship.

I founded Backthird Audio in 2003 so I could write more songs; instead the business became my song. I’ve helped build and execute strategic campaigns for businesses of all sizes – from $100k to $400M – in addition to one-on-one planning and consulting. I also spent three years as chair of marketing for a nonprofit that administers the SSA of the second-largest city in the state of Illinois. Now I love doing planning and creative work with anyone who’s in business to make more than money.

My Linkedin resume is here. You can hire or partner with me in all sorts of ways… but not for the next 6 months.

I’m a Builder-Innovator on the BOSI profile, an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs, a #5 on the enneagram, and my Strengths Finder strengths are “responsibility,” “strategic,” “intellection,” “futuristic” and “relator.” But it’s ok if YOUR personality type doesn’t put any stock in that kind of thing.

I’m on the border between “Gen X” and “Millenial,” between “evangelical” and “mainline liberal” and between “lifelong American” and “third culture kid.” Growing up I lived in Atlanta, Tulsa, Manchester and Zurich. As an adult I’ve lived  mostly in the Chicago area and, now, the Boston area. But in the span of my lifetime the world is being shrunk and digitized, which means physical location matters much less than it used to – and also much, much more.



at TEDx Naperville, November 2012


with Backthird Audio


VO copy & production; storyboarding & creative direction


annual team celebration


new studio business model


album production


with Bureau Gravity

voiceover copy & performance; music composition, performance & production


concept & voiceover copy